About Chef Suck It


The Young Pandas

Chef Suck It and his twin brother were born in the village of Small Wok next to the village of Big Wok. Both villages were known for their AFC (Asian Fried Chicken). The parents wanted the twin pandas to study martial arts. Chef Suck It's brother panda mastered Kung Fu. His brother became known as Kung Fu Panda. (Totally no relationship to Po from that Panda movie.) Chef Suck It's parents pressured him to master Tae Kwon Do, but it was not in the young Panda's heart.  


The Travel

Chef Suck It left Small Wok on the Panda Express to see the world. (No, not the Panda Express restaurant, Panda Express is a train kind of like the train in the wizard movie with Harry.) He took with him the AFC recipe. Along the travels, Chef Suck It faced many obstacles and challenges but overcame all of them and ended up in San Antonio, Texas.


I Have A Dream

Chef Suck It had a dream to spread the happiness and tastiness of the AFC. He wants all the young Pandas out there to never give up on your dreams. Put your mind to it, and you can accomplish anything. Do not ever let anyone tell you cannot do something. You and only you control your destiny. Travel, eat, experience, and be happy. There is one Panda life, make the most of it. If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to Suck It!!!!!!!